Southern Hybridization Buffers?

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Thu Jul 13 07:13:45 EST 1995

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>> Here's my recipe for Church's buffer.  IMHO, it's the best general 
>> purpose hyb buffer I've ever tried.  Low background, easy to use, nice 
>> signals.
>> 0.5M Na phosphate, pH 7.2 (0.5M in Na, so 134g/l of Na2HPO4+7H2O,
>>                             pH'ed with 4ml 85% phosphoric acid)
>> 7% SDS
>> 0.5mM EDTA
>I also add 1%BSA to the above recipe.
>These are my opinions only and do not reflect that of my company

Try 10% SDS. That's all; it works!

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