Sealing GFP coverslips

Dr S T May lsrei at
Fri Jul 14 15:08:19 EST 1995

When I used to look at fluorescent cultures on an inverted scope
I used to use hanging drop/column microcultures in a small
environment created by 'pillars' of microscope slide (scored
and broken into 0.5 ish cm wide strips stuck to the coverslip
and slide with vaseline (petroleum jelly) and then sealed against
evaporation with more vaseline squirted from a 0.5ml syringe
(you melt the vaseline to get it in the syringe and let it set). 
This was not only watertight, but, with care, sterile as well
although that bonus won't apply to you necessarily.
Only minimal care is needed to prevent accidental dismantling
of the construction, they can be stored in petri dishes and even
made in advance with 3 sides sealed, the hanging column can be
pipetted in from the side with a pasteur.

Hope this is useful to you.

Sean May  [lsrei at]
Warwick University, Coventry, U.K.

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