Direct PCR from E. coli colonies (GENOMIC???)

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>> I am now testing whether the digested cDNA was successfully cloned into the 
>> plasmid vector, but instead of minipreps, I want to amplify the inserts 
>> directly from E. coli colonies.  Can the same protocol used for the phage 
>> DNA be used directly for amplification of DNA from these colonies?  If not, 
>> could you suggest a publication where I could find a suitable protocol?  
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Botma Visser
>> pbv at
> You just have to pick a colony with a sterile toothpick into a 10 ul PCR
> reaction and then to an LB+amp plate to keep the strain. Then do a routine
> PCR. I have used it hundreds of times to screen for recombinant plasmids
> before doing minipreps. It should work just as well with larger volumes.
> A protocol including  cycle-sequencing is described in:
> Rosenthal et al. Nucleic Acids Res. 21, 173-174 (1993)
> Good luck

Has anybody used this successfuly for amplifying a gene from *genomic* 
E. coli DNA?  If so, what kind of yield did you get from how many cycles?
(I'm thinking of trying it, but just want a few pointers first!)



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