hekp with sigmacoat and sequencing gels

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>>   i have heard mixed 
>>> reveiws on sigma coat
>  I quit using Sigma coat a couple of years ago due to its unreliability.
>  I now use Gel Slick from AT Biochem and it works much, much better.
>  Just clean the plates once with 2N NaOH and then with soap and water. 
>  Apply Gel Slick, wipe off and you are done.  Only need to reapply the
>  Gel Slick about once overy 4-5 times you use the plate. It works perfectly
>  every time.  No I do not work for AT Biochem or know anyone who does.
>                                     john

I just started sequencing, and I'm using Rain-X, because I remembered seeing
some posts on this group a while back. I think it was orignally referenced
in Biotechniques or something. Anyway, it's inexpensive, easy to use, and
has worked just fine for me. If you are unfamiliar with the product, it's
silcone-based stuff that is supposed to keep your car windshield from 
fogging up or something like that. 



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