Designing PCR primers-How to check them?

Graham Dellaire popa0206 at PO-Box.McGill.CA
Fri Jul 14 16:09:41 EST 1995

>   Peter ---  bkxo at writes:
>  I have designed a set of primers for amplification of a 300 bp ds DNA 
>  fragment from human genomic DNA.  	

>  I am interested to know how other people go about checking primers 
>  which they have designed before actually ordering them.
>  You can reach me at   bkxo at     or post a note here.  
>  Thanx. 
Unfortunately the only way you will really find out is by using them first and seeing how many bands 
you get.

What is it for? ... sometimes more than one band is good (as in VNTR analysis) if you are typing
DNA or looking for markers.


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