DNA recovery from gels

Gene Holowachuk geneh at USA.NET
Sat Jul 15 12:28:55 EST 1995

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bicfo at flinders.edu.au writes:
>Gidday, fellow netters!
>I'm having truckloads of trouble trying to consistently recover DNA
>(0.7-1.8kb) from low-melting point agarose gels. I've tried agarase digestion,
>phenol extraction, Promega  WIZARD PCR columns  and 'squeeze-freeze'
>techniques - all with limited success (none at all with the agarase!). Does
>anybody have a foolproof method, or can anyone direct me to somewhere on the
>net where different techniques might be discussed?
>Thanks, Colleen.
We've been using silica particles for purifying DNA from LMT agarose with
recoveries near 50-70% depending upon who's doing it. (See NAR 21:1044, 93)
This is similar to the Merlin method which can be found in the archives.

In the same vein can anyone describe their experiences with the 'gene
capsules' from Geno Technology?

Cheers, Gene

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