fungi in the incubator

Jack M. Bernstein, M.D. Bernstein at WSU-ID.Dayton.OH.US
Sat Jul 15 22:22:14 EST 1995

a2245094 at rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE (Thorsten Heedt) wrote:

>Hello everybody,

>has anybody an idea how to prevent fungi as aspergillus and so on to 
>infect your cell cultures in the incubator ?
>I have to throw away cell cultures VERY often because of different sorts 
>of them.

>Thorsten Heedt, Institute of pathology

These fungi love to live in water. If you have water at the bottom of
your incubator, for humidity, put some detergent (eg: SDS) or a
fungicidal substance in it. This will decrease the chances of fungi
becoming established. We have very few problems now in this regard.

Good luck.

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