fungi in the incubator

Andrei Popov ANDREI.POPOV at
Sun Jul 16 05:01:31 EST 1995

>These fungi love to live in water. If you have water at the bottom of
>your incubator, for humidity, put some detergent (eg: SDS) or a
>fungicidal substance in it. This will decrease the chances of fungi
>becoming established. We have very few problems now in this regard.
I tried SDS once and found that some cells (eg hybridomas)
are VERY sensitive to trace amounts of SDS and simply
die off in a week or so. 
There was some commercial detergent that was supposed to be
neutral but I do not remember the make. BARRYCIDAL 36 from Heraeus
is useful for decontamination but again toxic to some cells
when present on the bottom of the incubator.

In my opinion  the most efficient measure is to decontaminate
your incubator by vapor (if you have a built-in option) or
by formaldehyde O/N.
Best wishes


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