DNA & Microtiter Plates

U12201 at uicvm.uic.edu U12201 at uicvm.uic.edu
Sun Jul 16 14:47:12 EST 1995

Pierce carries Streptavidin and NeutrAvidin coated plates that
are blocked and ready to use with biotinylated DNA or oligos.

In article <DBpt1u.57y at crash.cts.com>, allang at cts.com says:
>I am looking for a method to block polystyrene microtiter plates so that I canperform a DNA
>hybridization in them.  If any one has a blocking method that works I would   atly appreciate any
>suggestions or help, please email me directly (email = alllang at cts.com)       s in advance.
>A. Lee Lang
>San Diego, CA 92121
>(619) 558-1456

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