DNA purification of lambda gt11 clones

dinakar bhattramakki ddh at unlinfo.unl.edu
Sun Jul 16 17:50:59 EST 1995

I just finished purifying 7 lmmbda gt11 clones using Qiagen-maxi kit. 
The spec reading was not good in my case also, but I could digest with
EcoR1 and clone in pBluescript plasmid without any problem. 
I used plate lysate method, 9-12 plates in each case. 
Resuspended the final pellet in 1 ml TE and used 42 ul for digestion. 
Genecleaned the fragments and resuspended the pellet in 40 ul H20. Used
2 ul for ligation and transformed through electroporation.
Don't worry too much about the spec reading and go ahead with the next
- Dinakar

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