help needed about western blots

Grad Student Lab 1 gslab1 at
Sun Jul 16 23:45:11 EST 1995

Hi, netters. I have a question about western blots. The signal I got was very 
very faint after I developed my blots with NBT/BCIP for 15 min (protein 
loading amount was 80 µg/lane). Can I just wash the blots with water, incubate 
them in 0.3% BSA in TBS, then start over using higher concentration of the 
primary Ab? Or, do I have to strip the blots first then start over with higher 
concentration of the primary Ab? If so, what is the most recommendable method 
for stripping western blots?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Please reply here or e-mail me :   xzhou at

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