DNA recovery from gels

Jon Nakamoto jnakamot at pediatrics.medsch.ucla.edu
Sun Jul 16 14:16:56 EST 1995

Someone asked about the Genecapsules from Geno Technology? Yes, they
work, although heed the warning about practicing it once or twice
before you try using it for a really critical DNA recovery (if the
agarose gel wedge gets dislodged, buffer will leak in as you pipette
from the recovery chamber, giving you much greater than the normal
20-50 ul recovery volume). Recovery seems at least as good (probably
better) than GeneClean, and it's a pretty easy protocol. Too bad
they cost too much -- however, I've found that you can reuse the
capsules by removing the used dialysis membrane and then taking some
dialysis membrane (e.g., from Gibco BRL or elsewhere) cut so that it
is single-layer, placing it over the end of the GelPICK, stuffing
the covered gelPICK end into the TRAP, avoiding trapping any air
bubbles. The tightness of fit keeps the dialysis membrane in place
(don't forget to push the gel piece down as close to the membrane as
possible). Of course, I do have worries about potential
cross-contamination between recoveries, so clean them well before

No connections to the company, and views are my own, etc., etc.

Jon Nakamoto, MD
Clinical Instructor of Pediatrics/Endocrinology, UCLA
jnakamot at pediatrics.medsch.ucla.edu

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