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> Hello everybody,
> has anybody an idea how to prevent fungi as aspergillus and so on to 
> infect your cell cultures in the incubator ?
> I have to throw away cell cultures VERY often because of different sorts 
> of them.
> Thorsten Heedt, Institute of pathology
SAPROXIN is an antifungal agent that will control most saprophytic fungi.  It
can be used to "clean" the surface and provide extended residual protection or
it can be added to the cell culture at levels of 0.5 mg/l to prevent the
contamination of the cell culture due to environment or culturing procedures. 
If you will E-mail your postal address, I will send you a sample sufficent to
prepare 10 liters of "cleaner" or provide protection of 10 liters of medium. 
My E-mail address is: rand777 at   Randolph Biomedical - 21 McElroy St. 
West Warwick, RI 02893 - 401-826-1407 .  Robert Randolph


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