Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Mon Jul 17 19:27:41 EST 1995

>Could anybody tell me if it is possible
>to transfect a fibroblast with an entire
Whatever method you use, it's not going to be efficient due 
to YAC's huge size (by the way, how big?). Expensive 
biolistic may or may not work, electroporation might work 
with some low efficiency. For suggestions on 
optimization of electroporation, try my posting under the 
thread "Mammalian Electroporation?!?". If I were to do it, 
I'd try to add some compacting reagents (spermine, 
histones, etc.) to reduce size. But not too much - you 
don't want to reduce DNA charge significantly during 

Hope it helps. - dima

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