Differential Display by RT/PCR

Nancy Alexander alexannj at ncaur1.ncaur.gov
Mon Jul 17 10:24:06 EST 1995

I am doing Differential Display using RT/PCR and random primers. The 
results are not always repeatable and to get the "real" differences in 
the RNA from differently treated starting materials, I am isolating 
potential different bands from the DD gels, labelling, and hybridizing to 
membranes of RNA gels.  So far, no hybridization.  I understand only 
about 10% of the DD bands are "real".  Does anyone have a rapid method 
for screening many DD bands?  It takes too much RNA and time to make 
membranes for the hybridization check.  Would RPA work to screen lots of 
potentials?  Thanks.

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