Electroporation Challenge!!!

Antonio Rodriguez Franco bb1rofra at seneca.uco.es
Mon Jul 17 12:36:06 EST 1995

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>From: Graham Dellaire <popa0206 at PO-Box.McGill.CA>
>Subject: Electroporation Challenge!!!
>Date: 12 Jul 1995 23:12:55 GMT

>HAs anyone out there obtained an electroporation frequency
>better than 10-5 transformants/no# cells transformed???

>If you have I would like to find out if your cell type and
>what make of Gene Pulser you have etc.... 

>I am having a hell of a time breaking the 10-5 barrier.


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We have increase the eficiency of electroporation about 1000 times with the 
following tricks.

i) 2YT is better than LB medium to grow the cells
ii) After growing the cells, (100-250 ml) leave them in ice for around 1-2 
iii) do not use water in your centrifuging and washes. Use water plus 10 % 
glicerol instead for every single step.

It seems that bacteria (young bacteria) cells are disrupted very easily, and 
do not survive to the treatment.

Hoping this help,

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