PCR on fresh plant tissue?

SG Edwards sge1 at unix.york.ac.uk
Mon Jul 17 03:35:59 EST 1995

On 14 Jul 1995, Tsu-Hwie Liu wrote:

> Does anybody know how to do PCR on fresh plant tissue? I have some small
> putative transgenic plants with GUS gene. They are too small for me to do
> DNA extraction and sourthern hybridization. Can I use a small portion of
> plant to amplify GUS gene by PCR? 
There are numerous methods to extract DNA from fresh plant tissue but the 
best reference for you is Edwards et al (1991) Nuc. Acids Res. 19 (6) 
1349. As this paper refers to the extraction of DNA and PCR using GUS 
specific primers of putatively transformed plants.  If you have any 
problems let me know and I can send you references of "cleaner" 
extraction protocols.

Simon Edwards
University of York, UK

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