internal probe for Ara Northern blots

grohmann at grohmann at
Tue Jul 18 10:20:35 EST 1995

Is anyone there who can give me information on 
a specific gene probe which can be used for 
calibration of Northern-blots of total RNA 
isolated from different organs of Arabidopsis
We don't want to use the 27S rDNA since it 
inreversibly sticks to the membrane and makes
reprobing impossible.
We are think of a constitutively expressed gene
as for example actin is used for mammalian systems.
However, to our knowledge there are several actin 
genes present in Arabidopsis which are 
differentially expressed.
Can anyone help us to find a reliable probe for 
internal standardization of RNA amounts loaded on
the RNA gels ?
Yours Lutz Grohmann

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