Need Info on Murine Polyoma Virus A3

Martin Hughes mhughes at
Tue Jul 18 15:07:45 EST 1995

In article <1995Jul14.114636.1249 at>, gvacano at says:
>        I was wondering whether the complete sequence, or at least the region 
>(the early region) encompassing the origin of replication, enhancer region, 
>and the large T antigen of murine polyoma virus strain A3 is available. Any 

The only person I know of who sequenced A3 was William Folk, it would be 
in the 1970s and I think he was at Michigan then. I worked on A2, the
main differences were in the repeats in the enhancer and origin, I dont
think the rest of the genome was sequenced. Good Luck finding it!
Alison Cowie

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