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> We are trying to use cosmid to accomodate a large fraction of viral DNA 
 >found it is very unstable. I would appreciate if anybody can tell me any
 >other system beside cosmid that can accomodate a large DNA fragment but 

Hello William,
Have you considered using a low copy number cosmid?  There is an Amp-R 
cosmid that is about 3-4 copies/cell.  It can help stabilize problem DNA's,
although it doesn't work on everything (My first thesis project.).  

Alternatively you can try using the same systems with different strains, 
recA, (run of the mill) recBJ,sbcC (Stratagene, SURE).

Although I have never used it, phage P1 is supposed to be stable and it 
takes whopping big hunks, 80 - 100 Kb I believe. (Du Pont, Sternberg. 
(1990). Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 87, 103-107.

Good Luck, 
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