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>>My understanding is that the RNA would be degraded rather rapidly under 
>>the usual PCR conditions via magnesium-catalyzed hydrolysis.
>Actually, RNA amplifies quite nicely with Taq polymerase. I have cloned
>several cDNAs from total RNA this way. It works.
>    tracy

I also have seen several reports of RT activity in Taq.  Perhaps, it varies 
according to the manufacturer, and the specific origin of the Taq, e.g. 
recombinant/modified vs. wild type.  In my lab, we very rarely see this RT 
activity when using standard Perkin Elmer recombinant AmpliTaq, which PE 
reports in their catalog to have "minimal, low" RT activity.  AmpliTaq is 
modified from the wild-type Taq, but I can't determine what the difference is 
from their literature.

I wouldn't not be surprised if changing PCR conditions could increase the RT 

So I guess you could try a different source of Taq, in addition to the previous 

Hope this helps,


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