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Tue Jul 18 11:05:44 EST 1995

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>Could anybody tell me if it is possible
>to transfect a fibroblast with an entire
>YAC? Please post response or reply. 
>Tammy Rossi
>Univ. Miami Sch. Med.
Just another thought: to overcome the problem of getting 
YAC intact and then dealing with viscosous crap, maybe 
cell/yeast protoplast fusion will work better than 
traditional transfections? It is PEG-based procedure 
described many times. To increase frequency of proper  
fusion, you can try avidin-biotin bridge describes for 
fusion of spleenocytes with myeloma (Meth. Enzymol., v.184,
avidin-biotin technology?). If you can get "clean" 
protoplasts, it should work better than anything else. 

Best of luck! -dima

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