Sabine Hanelt sabine.hanelt at
Tue Jul 18 06:38:23 EST 1995

Hey all there,
we are sequencing with 35S and that for a long time allready without any 
problems. The gel is dried on a glas plate and is then exposed to an X-ray 
film. Since 4 weeks (or so) the film always sticks to the gel, even if the gel 
was really dry before. We think that one problem might be that there is still 
some urea in the gel, so that water is taken up again. But we did not change 
any handling with acetic acid to remove the urea. Does anyone has an idea how 
we can solve this problem?, or does anyone knows this problem by him/her-self?
Or has it something to do with temperature, summer, or......?
Thanks in advance for your help

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