Chemiluminescent substrate for alk-phos?

Klaus Salger salger at
Tue Jul 18 23:14:59 EST 1995

Daniel Kim (dkim at wrote:
: Hello:
: I am using alkaline phosphatase conjugated second antibody system for 
: Western blot detection.  I have been dissatisfied with the density of 
: signal and photoreproducibility of NBT/BCIP color signal, and would like 
: to try out a chemiluminescent system.

: Is there a chemiluminescent substrate for alk phos that I could use in 
: place of the NBT/BCIP system I am using now?  If possible, I would prefer 
: to buy and prepare my own reagent solutions, for the sake of expenses, 
: but would accept a kit recommendation if necessary.
: Daniel Kim
: dkim at

AMPPD,CSPD and others. Have a look into the catalog of Boehringer Mannheim,
Stratagene and Tropix.
As far as I know, these substrates don't work very well with NC, so you
should use Nylon or use special blocking reagent (Tropix sells one).


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