DNA extraction from fungal mycelia

Sim fosters at bbsrc.ac.uk
Wed Jul 19 06:02:38 EST 1995

In article <3uih7m$bq8 at oravannahka.Helsinki.FI>, you at somehost.somedomain (Yeshitila Degefu) says:
>I would appreciate if someone indicate to me a reliable protocol for 
>extraction of DNA from fungal mycelium. I mean a protocol which yields 
>clean  DNA which digests completely by restriction enzymes. Thank you in 
>advance for your help

    Try using the method of Lee and Taylor (see full reference below),
I've found this works perfectly well, producing a good yield of clean 
DNA perfectly suitable for restriction digestion and PCR work. 
    If you have trouble finding this reference then mail me directly
with your E-Mail address and I'll mail you back with the (modified) 
protocol that we use.

    Lee, S.B. and Taylor, J.W., (1990) Isolation of DNA from fungal 
mycelia and single spores. In: PCR Protocols. A Guide to Methods
and Applications (Ed. by M.A. Innis, D.H. Gelfand, J.J. Sninsky
and T.J. White), pp 282-287. Academic Press, San Diego.

	Cheers, Sim.	(fosters at bbsrc.ac.uk)

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