Coating LB plates with tet after pouring?

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> Hello, World.
> I only occasionally use tet or tet-kan plates, mainly for maintaining
> pili in E. coli.  Problem is, the tetracycline goes bad quickly.  Can
> you spread a tet solution over the plate, allow it to dry (and
> diffuse), then spread or streak your bacteria?  If so, what
> concentration of tet is reasonable to use?
> Thanks,
> nathan
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Hallo Nathan,

it is possible to bring tetracycline or any other other antiboitic to agar plates after pouring. Just store the antibiotic solution filtrated with 0.2µm filters at - 20°C in eppendorf cups. Advice for stock solutions and concentrations in medium you can find in maniatis, handbook of molecular cloning. Thaw the volume needed and distributed it on the plate e.g. with a sterile pipette. Let it dry for a few minutes. Then you can inocculate your plate as usual.

Good luck.
GBF Braunschweig

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