Reusing "disposable" electroporation cuvettes

Ian Ross I.Ross at
Wed Jul 19 19:18:30 EST 1995

Yeah, we use BioRad cuvettes and they are also reusable many times AS LONG 
AS YOU TAKE CARE OF THEM.  We don't wash with any detergent, we just pop 
them into 70% ethanol immediately after use, then a bit later we wash them 
out with a jet of deionised water.  We then store them immediately in 70% 
ethanol in a container with a closed lid (so no evaporation of ethanol).  
They can be used many times - we chuck them when they get all crackly on the 
outside and the electrodes are getting burnt.  If you don't watch them, and 
get bacterial contamination it's the end of the road, especially for us 
since we work on macrophages and LPS is a major problem.  Good luck.

Ian Ross
Centre for Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of Queensland
Australia 4072

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