exposing tritium gels

Jim Hutchins hutchins at fiona.umsmed.edu
Wed Jul 19 17:30:17 EST 1995

Fiona Cassidy (f.a.cassidy at uk.ac.birmingham) wrote:
: I am running SDS PAGE and IEF gels of proteins which I have labelled with
: tritium, and would like to expose wet gels. I am wondering if wrapping
: these gels in cling film/saran wrap/ cellophane or something similar will
: cause any problems with the signal detection?  I'd be grateful to hear if
: anyone has done this in the past
: thanks

The mean free path of tritium in water is 6 um.  Unless you can get your film
within 6 um of the protein, it won't work. :-)

So...what you need to do is fluorography.  I have used commercial preparations
with good results (NEN: Enhance; Amersham: Amplify; etc.; no endorsement
implied) or you can make your own with the scintillant PPO and DMSO, I think.

The best treatment of this subject is Laskey RA.  The use of intensifying
screens...  Meth Enzymol 65:363, 1980.

Good luck.
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