Calculating Tm - Help Needed

Duncan Clark Duncan at
Wed Jul 19 06:19:02 EST 1995

In article: <3uhadb$e2k at>  sywang at (Shiao Y. Wang) writes:

> There does not appear to be a simple solution to the Tm of
> oligos question. The best method seems to be the nearest neighbor method
> which is not easily done with a calculator. The software Oligo uses it but
> the last time I checked, it was $640. Anyone knows of a less expensive
> software that uses the nearest neighbor method? Primer is free but I'm not
> sure about the method used.

The original version of Oligo ie v2.0 as published in NAR was freely available.
I have a copy and can post it to an FTP site (name one for me) if required.

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