Any BIO-RAD email, gopher, or WWW address?

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> I've just had a GREAT time trying to extract info from Bio-Rad's tech.
> support. |-{ Basically, first you sit on hold for about twenty minutes, then
> you usually get a tech. rep. with very limited knowledge who often can't or
> won't help. My attempts to contact their sales rep. have been equally
> frustrating. This is typical of most big companies. When I complained to the
> tech. rep. about this today, he replied that I was just lucky I wasn't
> dealing with Microsoft!! NOT quite the apology I wanted. Although it may not
> help me much at this point, I was wondering if anyone knows of another way
> for me to reach the folks at Bio-Rad besides the phone, which clearly isn't
> working for me. If so, please post here or email directly to me. Thanks.
> Stay tuned for more on Bio-Rad tech. serv. If I don't get some satisfaction
> very soon I'll post the details...
>     tracy

I sympathise entirely.  Try Email.  The following is an extract from:

>	 *************************************************************
>	 *           Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) list            *
>	 *            for bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts               *
>	 *       version (      *
>	 *************************************************************

> Bio-Rad Laboratories
> Connie Rickey
> Phone: (510) 741-6781
> E-mail: crickey at
which may be obtained as:

Good luck!

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