**** CsSO4 Step gradients for RNA...****

B.Schonhoft schonhoft.2 at osu.edu
Wed Jul 19 08:11:33 EST 1995

We are trying to localize RNA for use in QC-RT-PCR from various sources
using  CsSO4 gradients.  We would like to correlate specific RNA levels
(bottom of gradient) with specific protein-DNA complexes (top of gradient).
 The use of a gradient versus other RNA isolation methods is necessary for
our purposes.

Our problem:  We cannot localize the RNA peak.  We have tried RT-RCR (which
works in Cs), electrophoresis, A260, etc.  We are considering labelling
Does anyone have any suggestions or references on how to get a defined RNA
peak in some type of Cs gradient, while still allowing analysis of
protein-DNA complexes in the same gradient.  Thankyou


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