exposing tritium gels

Anton Scott Goustin asg at cmb.biosci.wayne.edu
Wed Jul 19 22:44:29 EST 1995

f.a.cassidy at uk.ac.birmingham (Fiona Cassidy) wrote:
>I am running SDS PAGE and IEF gels of proteins which I have labelled with
>tritium, and would like to expose wet gels. I am wondering if wrapping
>these gels in cling film/saran wrap/ cellophane or something similar will
>cause any problems with the signal detection?  I'd be grateful to hear if
>anyone has done this in the past
You will never detect the 3H without impregnating these gels with a fluor such as EnHANCE or Amplify (Dupont, Amersham), and then drying down the gel.  Even then, the signals will be weak without the use of screens, and probably -70oC.

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