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In article <Pine.3.89.9507191031.A2492-0100000 at netcom4>, quincicc at NETCOM.COM (quin chou) says:
>For oligomers 20-70, best way to calculate Tm is to use nearest-neighbor 
>model and actual thermodynamic data. I have developed a software while 
>employed at Cetus, which calculate both Tm and predicted anneal 
>temperature for PCR (which is the temperature at which 99% template is 
>annealed with primers).  I am thinking about puting it into my PCR WWW 
>site if there is enough interest.  Now I sell this software at $100, also 
>you can get a free copy if you use my service over $1000.

That's really pricey.
On the other hand it is not really reliable.
The optimal temperature depends on your task.


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