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>There does not appear to be a simple solution to the Tm of
>oligos question. The best method seems to be the nearest neighbor method
>which is not easily done with a calculator.

So true, but being naive I tried to write a simple BASIC (am I
really to old to learn C?) program to do it for me - and compare to
the other method.  I got really wierd results.  My biggest hastle
was finding the thermometric data (still have none for Inosine) and
a precise definition of the algorithm.  If you are interested look
up the following:

Breslauer et al PNAS 83, pp3746-3750 1986
Freier et al PNAS 83, pp9373-9377 1986
Rychlik and Rhoads NAR 17, 21, pp8543-8551 1989

PCR Protocols - Methods in Molecular Biology Vol 15, Ed Bruce A
White, Series Ed John M Walker, Humana Press Inc 1993   (ISBN

If anyone has any other refs or relevant info/data please do email
me - I'd like to get this right!

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