?He: gelatin block for Westerns?

Dima Klenchin klenchin at macc.wisc.edu
Thu Jul 20 19:31:57 EST 1995


I have considerable background problem using BSA (Koch fr. 
IV) as a blocking agent. Buying commercial block solutions 
sounds stupid to me (they are incredibly expensive, sure 
are made of the same stuff as is available for 10-fold 
less, not guaranteed to work better and I can't buy from 
evryone just to figure it out). I'd like to try gelatin as 
I've heard somewhere it frequently is better, but can't 
figure out one thing (shame on me!): how to get it 
into solution which is stable? (It, you know, gets 
"gelatinous" with time, esp. at +4C). Suggestions 

Also, would be nice to hear opinios on what is (on 
avarage - I understand that it may vary) the best 
blocking solution for the Westerns on Immobilon. 

Please, follow-up *and* reply by mail. Thanks.


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