Looking for a computer program

Andy Kravetz akravetz at Walden.MO.NET
Thu Jul 20 14:56:44 EST 1995

hello all, I am looking for a computer program that will allow me to find 
possible restriction sites. I also need it to allow me to make mutants 
and then see what sites I changed or added. 

See, I am making mutants and don't want to have to sequence every single 
one. Sure, I will have to eventually,but I want cut down on the number. 
So if you can help, plesae let me know. 

The program needs to work on a PC and can either be public domain or 
share ware.


andy kravetz
Washington University School of Medicine
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
St. Louis, MO 
akravetz at mo.net

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