Help! Graduate student needs metal inducible eukaryotic expression vector

plonksg at plonksg at
Thu Jul 20 11:38:21 EST 1995

I am searching for a eukaryotic expression vector containing an inducible 
metallothionein promoter.  The success of my project depends upon finding this 
type of vector as this inducible promoter is uniquely suited to my experimental 
system.  As far as I can tell, these vectors are no longer commercially 
available due to problems with leakiness (leakiness would not be a problem with 
my system).  Anyhow, does anyone have a supply of such a plasmid vector or know 
of where I might be able to find one??  Any help would be very much appreciated! 
 As I said above, my project really depends on the use of one of these vectors. 
 Please help a desperate graduate student earn his PhD.  Thanks in advance.

            Please respond via e-mail to plonksg at ctrvax.vanderbilt.ed

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