SDS-PAGE problem!

WZhao80850 wzhao80850 at
Thu Jul 20 22:17:48 EST 1995

Hello there,
I post about the same question about a month ago, until now I haven't got
any creative suggestions and also could not solve my problem by myself. I
am frustrating here. I problem is:
I am using BIO-RAD mini-gel electrophoresis system. My target protein is
about 25-27 KD. I run 12% running gel and 4% stacking gel at 100 V. The
results I've got were curved and connected bands between lanes. First I
thought it might cause by high salt concentration in my sample, I diluted
my sample from 5 ug/ul to 3 ug/ul.The results got better but not good
enough. I still had curved bands and connections between lanes. It seems
like both ends of the bands migrate faster than the middle. 
Could anybody give me some advice? Thanks in advance!

Wei Zhao
WZhao80850 at or weiz at
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Baylor College of Medicine
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