Any BIO-RAD email, gopher, or WWW address?

Tracy Aquilla aquilla at
Fri Jul 21 10:57:40 EST 1995

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aquilla at (Tracy Aquilla) wrote:
>I've just had a GREAT time trying to extract info from Bio-Rad's tech.
>support. |-{
>Stay tuned for more on Bio-Rad tech. serv. If I don't get some satisfaction
>very soon I'll post the details...
>    tracy

Well here's the follow up. First, thanks to those who responded with
sympathy and Bio-Rad's email address. I got a call from the Bio-Rad sales
rep. yesterday, and she was very helpful (much better than tech support
was). My problem is currently in the process of being cleared up now.
Hopefully, this won't take too long! So far, I'm satisfied. FWIW, I also got
a call today from a rep. from another company who saw my post, asked if was
having a problem with electroporation, and offered to help even if I had an
electroporator made by another manufacturer! That was really nice. Bio-Rad
might just want to improve their phone-in tech. serv. in the future. Now I
know who to call when I buy an electroporator.
    tracy (no affiliations with anyone)

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