DMSO in CaCl2 Competent Cells

arturo.galvani at arturo.galvani at
Fri Jul 21 02:06:09 EST 1995

     Graham Dellaire wrote:
     >The DMSO can help molecules disolved in it transverse lipid bilayers 
     >very efficiently
     >Try this mix DMSo with lemon juice and put your finger in it.... you 
     >should taste lemon!
     Graham, do you really suggest that people do this? The Merck Index 
     says about DMSO: "Skin contact results in primary irritation with 
     redness, itching and sometimes scaling. Urticarial wheals are not 
     Try this instead: take a slice of lemon, pop it into a chilled bottle 
     of Sol or Corona, then invert twice and drink.
     Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with producers of Mexican beers.
     Cheers, Arturo Galvani.

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