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Fri Jul 21 17:04:59 EST 1995

I've never dried a gel to glass, but we dry ours on Whatman paper with 
saran wrap over it, remove the saran wrap pafter drying, and sprinkle 
baby powder on the gel/paper to keep it from sticking to the film.  Never 
any problems.  
Bob Long

On 20 Jul 1995 troianovsk_s at MSDISK.WUSTL.EDU wrote:

> >Date:   18-JUL-1995 12:38
> >From: sabine.hanelt at (Sabine Hanelt)
> >Description: sequencing
> >
> >Hey all there,
> >we are sequencing with 35S and that for a long time allready without any 
> >problems. The gel is dried on a glas plate and is then exposed to an X-ray 
> >film. Since 4 weeks (or so) the film always sticks to the gel, even if the gel 
> >was really dry before. We think that one problem might be that there is still 
> >some urea in the gel, so that water is taken up again. But we did not change 
> >any handling with acetic acid to remove the urea. Does anyone has an idea how 
> >we can solve this problem?, or does anyone knows this problem by him/her-self?
> >Or has it something to do with temperature, summer, or......?
> >Thanks in advance for your help
> >Sabine
> Hi, there
> We used to cover the gel by SaranWrap before drying, and never ever removed
> it from gel. 35S goes easyly through SaranWrap, and film never sticks.
> Hope this some of help.
> Nikolai

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