ABI DNA Software 2.1.0/PowerMac/HP1200C

Carla Drebing drebingc at ESSEX.HSC.COLORADO.EDU
Fri Jul 21 15:13:40 EST 1995

We have an ABI 373 Sequencer with new 2.1.0 ver. Analysis software. We 
are running the analysis on a PowerMac 7100. The analysis runs quickly 
and beautifully, unlike the purgatory of running 1.2.0 with emulation. 
However, the printer, an HP DeskJet 1200C/PS seems to be incapable of 
printing out the electropherograms. It takes forever once they are loaded 
into the spooler, then it will print one result and give a 
ERROR:Limitcheck, implying there is not enough memory in the printer to 
handle the job. This cycle repeats endlessly if I let it. HP is stumped 
and ABI doesn't have a quick answer, the only suggestion is a bad memory 
chip in the printer. But the 1.2.0 Analysis seemed to be capable of 
printing. Anyone?????

Carla Drebing
Univ of CO Health Sciences Center
Denver, CO 
303-399-8020 ex2722
drebingc at essex.hsc.colorado.edu

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