ABI DNA Software 2.1.0/PowerMac/HP1200C

Ted M. tedm at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Fri Jul 21 22:50:36 EST 1995

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drebingc at ESSEX.HSC.COLORADO.EDU (Carla Drebing) wrote:

> We have an ABI 373 Sequencer with new 2.1.0 ver. Analysis software. We 
> are running the analysis on a PowerMac 7100. The analysis runs quickly 
> and beautifully, unlike the purgatory of running 1.2.0 with emulation. 
> However, the printer, an HP DeskJet 1200C/PS seems to be incapable of 
> printing out the electropherograms. It takes forever once they are loaded 
> into the spooler, then it will print one result and give a 
> ERROR:Limitcheck, implying there is not enough memory in the printer to 
> handle the job. This cycle repeats endlessly if I let it. HP is stumped 
> and ABI doesn't have a quick answer, the only suggestion is a bad memory 
> chip in the printer. But the 1.2.0 Analysis seemed to be capable of 
> printing. Anyone?????
> Carla Drebing

Perplexing problem!  I have nothing definite but will relate that there is
a problem with HP printers demanding all available memory for their
printing tasks, whether they need it or not. This caused some conflicts
with RamDoubler in the past. Perhaps there is some crafty memory
sequestering going on in the ABI program and the HP doesn't like it. The
fix maybe as easy as adding RamDoubler, or more real RAM, which is always
nice anyway. If the conflict isn't solvable this way, I'd expect ABI to
help, you payed a lot and HP printers are ubiquitous. Perhaps a more
robust graphics program (Illustrator etc) could capture the
electropherogram and print effectively.   Good luck.
                                                            Ted M.

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