Ultra-low freezer recommendation

Michael J. Tuvin mtuvin at bcm.tmc.edu
Fri Jul 21 12:50:19 EST 1995

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>mjb1 at Lehigh.EDU wrote:
>>    I have to purchase a -70C freezer to be shared among several people in our
>>department. Can anyone give me advice on the best model to get? I'm especially
>>interested in finding something that won't break down every 6 months, like the
>>Revco Ultima upright we bought 2 years ago. Any tips will be greatly
>>Michael J. Behe                     Phone:     610-758-3474

We have here CRYOSTAR,model QU2195DBA from QUEUE Systems. Bought it 
through Centigrade (713/498-8686). Very good. Several lab share it, no
complains so far. It is a single compressor model, real low noise. 
Gives -95C easily. Has an internal booster which is very important for us
because of the constant power problems. Spacious, well designed.
Ice does not bild up at the rubber door seal (unlike Forma's Bio-Freezer:
one has to knock off the ice on a monthly basis).
Good luck.
Michael J. Tuvim 
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