Chemiluminescent substrate for alk-phos?

David Goldstein Goldsted at
Sat Jul 22 11:41:53 EST 1995

Dear Daniel,

I suggest the Tropix kit.  I have had great success with this kit.  The 
sensitivity is fantastic.  After using the system and are satisfied with 
you exposures, you can wash the blots in PBS, then the kit assay buffer, 
and use the NBT/BCIP substrate to get a color reaction on the membrane.  
Since I am writing from home, I unfortunately cannot give you the phone 
# of Tropix or the price of the kit.  I think it is pretty reasaonable.  
You will, however, go through a considerable amount of film.  Write me 
at goldsted at if you need any more info.
good luck.  

David Goldstein 

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