Immunoblot sensitivity

Andrei Popov ANDREI.POPOV at
Sat Jul 22 15:34:37 EST 1995

Hi Netters,

>Does anibody know which are the inferior limit for detectability of a
>protein by silver staining and immunoblot or, at least which method is
>more sensitive?
>Giorgio Spagnol, MD. 

Depending on the protocol you can expect the detectability of
1-10 ng for silver staining and probably higher detectability with
indirect immunochemical methods (e.g. biotin-streptavidine -HRPO)
.. One trick I used to enhance 
the detectabilty of all proteins was to transfer them on membrane, 
treat with FITC and then stain with anti FITC mAB-HRPO. Worked
very well.



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