peptide synthesis

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Sat Jul 22 15:13:56 EST 1995

I've found that most of the companies around (such as the adds in Science), offer pretty 
competitive rates.  Just be sure to check on the purity of the final product, often several 
hundred bucks a peptide can be added in "hidden" costs associated with cleaning up a crude 
product.  If you plan on making several peptides, you might consider cleaning them up youself, 
either via HPLC, or for antibody production just use an exclusion column (eg BioGel P2 or the 
like).  For an even tighter budget, and if you have several peptides, you might be adventurous 
enough to make them yourself using a kit such as the RAMPs peptide synthesis system. I recently 
produced 6 useful sera from peptides made this way.
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