Michael J. Tuvin mtuvin at
Sun Jul 23 01:07:17 EST 1995

In article <1995Jul19.213522.20090 at> Karen Usdin <ku at> writes:
>Does anyone have any experience with the Biometra triple block 
>thermocycler? I am interested in how it compares to other machines out 
>there for reliability, price, and versatility. I like the fact that it 
>has 3 independent blocks and an module for doing in situ PCR. The price 
>I was quoted was $7450 with the heated lid system. Any feedback?
We have Trioblock in our lab: It is a fine and verstile machine.
Very convenient to check out for optimal conditions, for example. 
The most useful tool in the lab I might say.
Rapid and reliable machine; continues interrupted run after a power outage.
Price seems to be reasonable as well.
Technical support is there for you.
Negatives: software not very user-friendly for novices; once you get used
to it - no problems. Sometimes it erases (forgets?!) stored programs.
But overall I would buy it again

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