Help: Blotting DNA from acrylamide gel

Anthony V. Furano avf at
Sun Jul 23 19:06:25 EST 1995

(Stuart Brown) writes:
> >This is a real stumper for me.  I need to make a Southern blot of some
> >PCR products after separating them by size in a polyacrylamide gel.  I
> (stuff omitted)
> >because nothing that they have tried worked very well.  Come on, this has
> >got to be possible!
> > 
> >Does anyone out there have any experience blotting DNA out of acrylamide?
> >No reasonable suggestions sneered at.

We do it all the time, but by electroblotting... have had no success by
capillary blotting... we use the transblot semi dry system sold by BioRad
(no affiliation)... could not be easier...

Anthony F.

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