Rapid delivery of Lectins ?!

Dima Klenchin klenchin at macc.wisc.edu
Sun Jul 23 12:06:07 EST 1995

>surrounding that is able to deliver a larger list of lectins (Ulex 
>europaeus agglutinin, Maackia amurensis and many more)
>These lectins have to be biotinylated !!!

It's not in Germany, but it will ship FedEx if you need it. The 
best selection of biotinilated lectins I know is from Vector Labs
(USA: tel. (415) 697-3600, fax (415) 697-0339). They specialize in 
avidin-biotin technology and carry, for example, excellent and 
moderately priced ABC kits. 

Good luck. - Dima

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